Control and reduction of energy consumption

We promote and encourage habits within the work team to reduce energy consumption, for example, turning off equipment when not in use, adjusting the temperature of the air conditioning, etc. Evaluate the ability to change systems to more efficient systems that cause lower energy consumption.

Efficient waste management

The parts or hardware that we use, if they do not work, have become obsolete or are in poor condition, we always give them a second chance. We always give them to other companies that if they will be needed or we can fix them and put them on sale again at a cheaper price than the original, calling them reconditioned, in this way we can reuse them.

Renewable energy

Sustainable energy is one of the key points to reduce the environmental impact of our company. In addition, self-consumption can be a great alternative to reduce pollution and save on energy consumption.


Integrate an environmental vision of our products in order to fulfill their life cycle from beginning to end. This allows it to fulfill the function for which it is purchased and can also be easily reused and recycled, serving to create new products.