Services offered by the company

Configure your PC to your needs and to your liking

Why configure a PC ourselves?

Assembling a computer by parts is the best way to configure a computer since you choose the components and parts to suit your needs, budget and taste.

Why use the Lemon PC configurator and not another?

Because thanks to the fact that we have the best catalog of components, you can configure a custom PC for every occasion: PC Gaming, Workstation, office, etc. enjoying a price perfectly adaptable to your needs.

Your computer will be assembled by a team of professional technicians who will lovingly and diligently take care of you to enjoy an assembled computer with a professional and fantastic finish.

If you need help, our customer service team by phone or email will advise you to offer you the best combination of components to suit you.

Do you want to make an inquiry?

In order to provide more dynamic customer service and better service, we use a numbered inquiry system. Each query we receive will be assigned a number that you can use to track, from this panel, the progress of your query and your response (s). All inquiries and response history will be archived. There is a valid email address to use this system.

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