Hardware resources

Hardware resources

Currently the use of adequate technological resources is essential to be efficient, that is, to achieve better results in less time.

These are hardware elements that we use to mount desktop computers:

  • Box / Tower
  • Processor
  • RAM cards
  • Graphics cards
  • Power supplies
  • Different types of hard drives
  • Socket heatsinks
  • Different types of refrigeration
  • Motherboards
  • Sound cards
  • Card reader / front
  • DVD recorders
  • TV cards
  • Network / WIFI adapters

What criteria do we follow for the hardware we use?

The main criterion is quality, but not least the price and the complete satisfaction of each client.

Quality is a set of properties inherent to an object that give it the ability to satisfy implicit or explicit needs.

It is the ability of a product or service to satisfy the needs of the customer or user.

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