About us?

As we well know, lemons are currently used for almost everything (medicine, cleaning products, food …), since our computers and components that we will also sell will be perfectly adapted for each user.

Lemon PC is a store specialized in all types of PC, being the number 1 store in Europe in terms of quality, price and reliability. Depending on the utility you are going to give your computer, you will be able to design, configure and adapt the components to suit you, starting from a base of pre-assembled computers to suit your needs. For an affordable price you will enjoy to the fullest.

Our workers

Joel Mayoral


My name is Joel and I am a student and future computer scientist and professional computer technician.

At the age of twenty-one, I have redirected my profession, focusing again on living from what most fills me: computing. As a child, it was clear to me that computers attracted me more than honey to bees.

Carlos Rivas


Hi, I’m Carlos, I’m working in the LemonPC company with two more partners.
I am a nice, educated, hard-working and serious person when the situation requires it.
I like both sports and computers, since I do both things daily, they are part of my life.

Saúl Pérez

Business intelligence analyst

My name is Saúl and right now I am studying computer science so that in the future I can become a professional computer technician.
I am twenty years old and I am focused on being the most recognized computer technician in Spain since as a child I have been passionate about computers and thanks to that I have become interested in computing.